Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Liking Lately

I like to pretend I have a fancy Holiday party to go to and plan what I would wear.  I would wear this Dress the Population 'Lola' Lace Sheath Dress (above - you have to check out the back) with this coat

This dress, I like, and would have reason to wear (with fleece lined tights). 

This article has some great common sense ideas on how to get move more throughout the day beyond your regular workout.  I'm for anything that gets me more steps!

I'm pretty obsessed with Swagbucks (referral link).  Seriously, I'm really obsessed.  You get swagbucks for looking at ads or videos, playing games, shopping at select retailers or answering surveys (among other things - those are just the things I do) and can redeem them for gift cards.  I usually get a Starbucks gift card to treat myself to fancy coffee now and then.  Now I might switch over and start getting gift cards that can help me with my Holiday shopping.

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