Monday, October 19, 2015

TopShop Lace Up Flats

Sweater:  Mossimo via Target (old) - Dress:  LOFT (last year) - Shoes:  Topshop via Nordstrom (Sept. 2015 - samesame but in red)

I gave my bare legs what is most likely their last trip outside to and from work here in Indiana for 2015.  I think I'm going to have to wear tights from here on out as it is starting to get colder and colder.  So my legs had their last harrah in a short dress that is probably actually too short for work but I didn't lift my arms or bend over so I think I was ok. 
I bought these Topshop Ghillie Flats last month after agonizing over it for a long time.  I opted for the less expensive version which in person seem even more cheaply made than their $45 price tag.  But they are comfortable so far.  The laces are different over the foot, one is looped and the other isn't, and I cannot get the laces out of the holder thingies around the ankle to make them match.   Other than that, and the seemingly cheap construction, I like them!  

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