Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Black Ankle Boots (Too Many Black Ankle Boots)

Over the weekend, I prepared to wear boots for the first time this fall.  I thought about wearing black ankle boots with gray jeans, a black plaid flannel and my new maroon vest. (Yes, I think about what I'm going to wear the day before (or more) before I wear it)  This led to several observations.

First Observation:  Outfits always sound better than they look since I tend to buy things that don't fit me perfectly or suit my body type.

Gray Tee:  Sonoma from Kohl's (last year) - Plaid Top:  Gap (old) - Vest:  Athleta Upside Vest (last month - same) - Jeans:  Loft (old) - Shoes:  Bella Vita Raine Boot  (earlier this year - same)

without the vest

without the plaid shirt
I don't think I like the vest over the plaid top.  Plus I think the vest is too long on me.  I don't know.  It just seems like the proportions are off somehow.  My torso is much longer than my legs so it could just be that.  I liked the last version the best with just the vest zipped up over the gray tee.  The proportion issue might be better if the plaid top was tucked in...but that wouldn't look right either.  Ugh.
I took these pics when I went to Kohl's to try on what they had of the Thakoon collection.  I tried on this gray cardigan but even the XS was HUGE.  Not just oversized, HUGE.  So I didn't get anything. 
The night before this excursion, I thought I would take inventory of the black ankle boots in my closet. 
Second Observation:  What??!  How did I accumulate EIGHT pairs of black ankle boots?  I took stock and eliminated 50% of them.  (Two pairs I could still return and I donated two other pairs)


I decided to keep 4 pairs. 

1. A new black faux suede boots that go a little higher on the ankle and have a 2 1/2 inch heel.  These will be great with dresses and tights or tunics and leggings.   I bought them at DSW but don't see them online.
2.  My Old Suede Steve Maddens
3. The Bella Vita Raine Boot that I wore above to keep a flat pair (these are a bit dresser than the flat pair I got rid of).
4.  The open toed LifeStride that I have worn a lot in the past few months since getting them.   I returned another open toed black pair that didn't seem to be as comfortable and the heel was even higher than these.  Plus I had never worn them!  Back they go!

Third Observation:  I still have a lot of work to do on my wardrobe and shopping habits.  I have been really focused on clothing but not shoes.  I'm going to keep working on cleaning out my shoe collection. Next up - Brown and Tan Boots!

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