Tuesday, September 1, 2015

August Clothing Budget

Top Left:  Old Navy Gray Short Sleeve - $16.94 - This was a total impulse buy when I was in the store returning a sweater I bought back in July.  I thought it would be good with my black midi skirt, as worn here.

Middle:  LOFT Button Front Midi Skirt - $41.70 - I love this online but in person it is a bit shiny and wrinkly.  So I may return it.

Top Right:  Life Stride Peep Toe Booties - $37.00 - I have been looking for peep toe booties in narrow and these are perfect!  Love.  I bought these at Kohl's when I had a birthday coupon and a 30% off discount.

Right Middle:  J.C. Penny ANA Roll Sleeve Shirt - $10.94 - I had a $10 off coupon for Penny's so wandered in and found this.  I know I will wear this all fall.

Bottom Left:  ModCloth Striped Hooded Top - $29.99 - Please help me to not online shop when I'm bored or don't want to distract myself...  It's cute though...but I don't need it.

Bottom Right:  Amazon Volcom 5" Black Short - $13.46 - My old black shorts don't fit anymore and these are a great replacement.  I've already worn them several times.

DSW Steve Madden Rubin Boot in Cognac - $69.50 - I had my birthday coupon for DSW and hoped to find some flat cognac boots since I didn't find any I liked last winter.  I hope these will be great this fall and winter. 
Not Pictured:  LOFT Floral Jacquard Sweatshirt in Ivory - $29.70

I'm still struggling with impulse buys and shopping as a hobby...  I enjoy it so much but end up with things I don't need or that don't even fit right.  I'm still working on it.  This month I bought a few things that I know I will wear this fall and winter a lot so I guess I am making some progress.  I also got rid of quite a bit more from my closet and had good luck selling on eBay.

What I donated this month:

1 Dress
5 Tank Tops
3 Sweaters
1 Shirt
1 Pair of Pajamas
1 Skirt

E-Bay Sales: $163.59 profit

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