Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Liking Lately

I might be a bit obsessed with the olive midi skirt above from LOFT. 

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Again with a midi skirt, but this look is perfect for late summer - beginning of fall.

I've really liked the results of our super small garden this year.  Our zucchini plants are done but we had tons.  It was great! We only planted two tomato plants but the photo above shows an average day's harvest.  So we have a lot of tomatoes for only two people and one (not me) will only eat them if they are in a sauce that someone else makes...so yeah...I've been so far enjoying eating lots of tomatoes, trying lots of new tomato recipes and giving some away.   I may freeze some sauce this weekend.

image via

I've been experimenting with non-dairy homemade ice cream like desserts lately.  My current favorite is frozen orange segments blended with coconut milk and honey.  I've also tried the much talked about peanut butter and frozen bananas (it's ok).  But I can't wait to try this Dole Whip recipe.

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