Wednesday, July 29, 2015

July Clothing Budget

Well, July's budget is a bust.  I blame Nordstrom and their Anniversary Sale.  Last year I was on a quest to find a new winter coat that fit well, you know, the perfect amount of puffy to keep you warm and cute but not look like the Michelin Man.  I tried a million coats and never found one I loved.  So all winter I was wearing ill-fitting coats!  The horror!  So when I saw some North Face on sale and reviews that said the Aleycia jackets wasn't too puffy, I went for it.  I think the coat and vest are both winners.  Of course then I found other things I HAD to have at Nordstrom and some other stores....and the budget busted.  Thankfully Nordstrom has an awesome return policy and I can always return these things if it turns out they aren't perfect when the time comes to actually wear them.

Old Navy Striped Scoop Neck Sweater $6.29 - This was an impulse buy.  I might return it since the quality seems really poor and I for sure don't need it.
Old Navy Short Sleeve Sweater $14.55 - I thought it might be good with the black midi skirt below.  I'm not sure though since it is a bit darker than I thought it would be.

Athleta Purple Chi Top $24.30 - Another long sleeve work out shirt.
Nordstrom Vince Camuto Culottes $58.90 (reg. $89) - I'm still on the quest to find the perfect culottes.  These came in petite so I thought I'd give them a try.  I haven't received these yet so we will see how they fit.
Nordstrom Cupcakes & Cashmere Jacket $120.00 - I didn't want to love this jacket since I think the price is pretty steep for a polyester jacket but since I can't wear wool anyway and it fit perfectly....I bought it at full price {gasp}.
Nordstrom The North Face Gig Harbor Vest $79.90 (reg. $108)
Nordstrom The North Face Aleycia Jacket $110.90 (reg. $149)

Urban Outfitters Gray Lace V-Neck Top $5.00 - I purchased this at the Urban Outfitters outlet in Lincoln Park.  I love the stripes and the lace detail.
Kohl's Black Midi Pencil Skirt $9.08 - I love these on other people but haven't figured out how I want to style this yet.
Forever 21 Navy Cami $1.90 (not pictured) - This replaced the too big navy cami I just donated to GoodWill.  I've already worn this once.

I went just over double my $200 monthly budget but since some of this were investment pieces like the winter coat, I'm ok with it.  Also, I may still return some of the things.  This has been a good month selling things on eBay too.  I may start taking my eBay profits into account when considering my clothing budget.  Maybe I'll start that next month.

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  1. It's hard to find a good quality winter coat at a really cheap price, so I'm not surprised you went over budget the month you bought a winter coat and vest. My skiing coat is North Face as well, and it was worth every penny. Hopefully the coat and vest you picked up end up being worth it in your books too.


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