Monday, June 29, 2015

What's my style?

Top:  Old Navy (old) - Jeans:  Old Navy (old) - Shoes:  Aerosoles (last year?)
This post from Into Mind is so interesting.  It helps you figure out why you look into an overflowing closet and feel like you have nothing to wear.  For me, the chart has diagnosed that I don't have a clear sense of my style and I would agree.  There are a few common themes in my closet (lots of multiples of the same thing but that is another issue) but also many things that don't go with anything else in there.  For example, I will see someone in head to toe Anthropologie, think she looks amazing and totally want to emulate the look.  But on me, it isn't quite right because it isn't me.  But I buy into how good it looks on someone else and make some (bad) impulse purchases.  My bad habit of impulse shopping has led me to buy many items that I just liked but didn't answer yes to any of my other shopping questions which means they just hang in my closest unworn. 
So how can I figure out my style?  I think doing this project of evaluating my outfits is a good way to start.  I am really noticing which looks I love, which I don't and why.  I'm going over what I already have pinned to my style Pinterest board and looking for common themes.  So far I see neutral colors, clean lines, textures, knit fabrics and looser silhouettes.  And scarves, lots of scarves.  I want my style to be chic, comfortable and sophisticated.  It also needs to be casual since I don't have many dress up opportunities in my life right now. 
What I wore last casual Friday (above) is a good example of what I like, a simple top with a little detail, neutral colors, pants with a wider leg (not skinny) and wedge sandals.  My only complaint about this look is how long the top is.  I would like it better if it were above hip length and not so sheer. 

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