Thursday, June 11, 2015

The Same But Different

Jacket:  Caslon via Nordstrom (last summer, similar) - Dress:  Merona via Target (March 2015, similar) - Shoes:  Aerosoles (old)

Black and tan for the second time this week.  Of course, these are different black and tan things but still the same color palate.  I thought I'd show you what I wear while I'm in the office and then after work, when I run errands, I switch out my shoes and take off the jacket.  A simple switch to make the dress less dressier.  I usually only do this when my shoes are not the most comfortable for running around the grocery store before I go home.  But this more casual look makes the dress work for the weekend too (maybe with nicer flat sandals and not flip flops!).

In this journey of outfit documentation, I'm continuing to notice how many different versions I have of things.  I have several black dresses, several black skirts, many black pants... all just slightly different and none that are perfect.  Same with tops in tan - I have shown 3 different (but strikingly similar) tan sweaters/jackets on the blog just in the last month (but oh I have more!).  Do I really need all these versions of the basically the same thing?  Wouldn't it make more sense to just have one perfect version? 

Take today's outfit for example and compare it to one I wore just a few weeks ago:

 Seriously?!  I like today's look better than the other.  It fits better. But why do I keep on buying virtually the same things?  How many black dresses and tan sweaters can one person own (I have even more than these examples)?  I'm glad I'm starting to ask myself questions before I buy anything and curbing my impulse buys because this is crazy!

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