Friday, June 26, 2015

Investment Pieces

Top:  Apt.9 via Kohl's (old, similar) - Skirt:  Banana Republic (super old) - Shoes:  Aerosoles
Did you know that the Gap Brands (Banana Republic, Gap & Old Navy) put the season and year on the tag of their clothes?  That is how I know for sure that this skirt is from Spring 2001.  I'm pretty sure this is the oldest item of clothing in my closet that I still wear on the regular. 
This 14 year old skirt is really a skort!  I think that is the reason I have kept it so long.  I usually wear some sort of Spanx under skirts and dresses because I hate thigh rub.  But this skirt has loose fitting shorts underneath that are soooo comfortable and you don't see the shorts part so it still looks like a skirt.  The fabric is substantial and falls perfectly.  I've never found anything else like it.  It says dry clean only but I have always either put it in the dryer with a dryel cloth or hand washed it and it has held up well (plus those few years I couldn't wear it when it didn't fit kept it in good condition!).
14 years ago I was only one year into my first job out of college and I had zero money.  I'm glad I did spend what little I did on clothes on an investment piece like this. I don't remember buying this skirt but I'm grateful that I didn't do what I have been doing the past few years and buying all the cheap things with no thought of how it worked in my wardrobe or how long it would last.  Now that I am buying more thoughtfully, I hope to buy more things that are classic and will hold up for 14 or more years!  Quality not quantity!

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