Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Casual Business Casual

Sweater:  Victoria's Secret (old) - Tee:  H&M (old) - Skirt:  Calson/Nordstrom (last year) - Shoes:  Paolo Nuttini (last year)

This was a very comfortable outfit and I think it looked better in real life than this picture.  However, I still don't think it is exactly my style.  I would like to feel a little more polished and sophisticated.  The sweater is a keeper though, I wear it a lot.  It just might not be right for this skirt.  I think the sweater is too shapeless to go with the straight maxi skirt making the whole look a little frumpy.  Frumpy but comfortable and warm.  If only the office was a normal warm temperature I could get away with not wearing a sweater! 

(The colors are so bad in this pic - the skirt is actually a mossy green)

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