Friday, April 3, 2015

Too Many Boots

Gingham Button Down - JCPenny last year; Quilted Navy Sweatshirt Piperlime last year; Jeans from Target 2+ years ago; Timberland Trenton Boots (here or here)

I wore my Timberlands again today.  It got me thinking about the boots I usually wear with these jeans which are quite similar.  The whole point of this exercise is to get me to do this type of thinking.  Why do I have two pairs of brown ankle boots with the same size heel, the same style?  Because I do too much impulse buying!  I need to take a real inventory of what I have and continue to evaluate everything and get rid of it if it does not fit my style or me!  I buy and buy hoping to find the "perfect" things.  Truthfully, I don't love either of my brown ankle boots.  The other pair are not leather and look a little plasticy.  These are a bit too big for my narrow feet and the tops dig into my legs a little.  Why can't I have the patience to wait and buy only what truly works for me and is great quality?  This is also the reason I have a gazillon pairs of black pants.  I'm constantly searching for the perfect pair.  Why am I buying the not perfect pairs?

To end on a positive note, I do love this navy sweater/sweatshirt.  I have worn it a lot and don't think I have another one like it lurking in my closet. 

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