Wednesday, April 1, 2015

An Outfit a Day

This idea is nothing new.  In fact, I have attempted to do it myself before.  In my ongoing quest to reduce my wardrobe to a manageable size that reflects my style and only holds things I want to wear, I am going to document what I wear each day (with the exception of workout and lounge clothes).  I'm not sure how much I will post to this blog but hope to at least share most of it. I have been following Recovering Shopaholic for a few months now and am really inspired by her process of recording everything she wears (and how she feels in it) to evaluate her closet.  I hope that this will help me mix and match more in my closet, get rid of what doesn't work for me and stop buying things that don't work.  Who knows, this may even help me realize which of the 42 gray shirts I own I really like and should keep and may even keep me from buying more gray shirts (I really gravitate towards gray...).

Speaking of gray - here is what I wore yesterday.

Long Sleeved Cardigan: Forever 21 - Super Old Long Sleeved Gray Tee: Banana Republic - Old Navy Pixie Pants - Steve Madden Ankle Boots

Overall, I really liked this look.  It is really comfortable and I felt myself in it.  The cardigan is a recent purchase and I have already worn it twice.  Everything else is at least a year old and I have worn many times. 

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