Thursday, April 2, 2015

An Old Sweater and Newer Boots

Sweater INC from Macy's several years ago - White Tee TJ Maxx - Old Navy Rock Star Pants - Timberland Trenton Boots (here or here)
Today's outfit centered around me wanting to wear these boots.  I haven't worn them much since I bought them in October so I'm trying to make a point to wear them before the weather gets warm (if it ever really does).  I thought it was a good day to wear them since they are waterproof and it is supposed to be raining buckets today. 
This sweater is an old favorite.  It is starting to show it's age though and I can never quite get the flaps in front to fold right.  It's still a great lightweight sweater from which I have gotten a lot of use.
These pants are a great thick twill like material but are a little too tight in places and a little too loose in places making for some bunching that I don't like.  Since I already have a gazillion other black pants these might be going into the donate/sell pile.

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  1. Love your new boots! I like how it added an edgy touch to the look :)

    Abby of Life in the Fash Lane


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