Monday, April 13, 2015

7 Dresses

Dress:  LOFT (purchased in December 2014 - now sold out) - Boots:  Bella Vita Raine

Did you know that even after a major closet clean out, I still have 7 dresses in my closet that still have the tags on them and I have had them all at least over a year?  It's true.  These are above and beyond the over 7 dresses that are in my closet that I have worn.  Only a few are on regular rotation like the one I am wearing today. 

I think the 7 dresses are still unworn because when I bought them they didn't correctly answer all my shopping questions:
  1. Do I love it?
  2. Is it my style?
  3. Can I wear it with other things I already have?
  4. Where would I wear this?
I do really like/love these dresses (hence why they remain after the closet purge) and they are my style (well except one striped J.Crew dress that might be a little more cute than I would like but it fits perfectly).  Question number 3 is tough with dresses, I think the question for dresses is more of how many different ways can I style this dress making it more versatile.  They all somewhat meet that question - maybe with the exception of several that could not where to work because they are either too dressy or too casual.  Which really is an answer to question 4.  Where would I wear this?  These dresses are great but in all the time I have owned them, I have not had the occasion to wear them.  In some ways I think it is ok to get a dress that is perfect in every way to have in the closet just in case because who hasn't had an event come up and not been able to find something to wear?  I realize I may be buying clothes for that life that I don't have (but wish I did).  I think 7 might be too many "just in case" dresses for me and some might be destined for consignment.  Or you may just start seeing me way dressed up at the grocery store.

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