Friday, April 25, 2014

Liking Lately

white silk blouse / ripped skinnies / black heels / leopard clutch

- I wish this is what I wish I was wearing today.  Lately I have really been drawn to more simple looks and want to throw out all my recently acquired prints I bought to try and jazz up my simple closet full of neutrals.
- I love this article about how you start your morning affects your happiness.  Just another reminder that you create your own happiness and to focus (and be grateful for) the good things.  There are always good things!

- I found Jean-Philippe Barralis' Flickr through a gorgeous picture on Pinterest.  I'm so glad I could find the actual source of the image.  (I hate it when you don't know where a picture originates.) His photos are beautiful.

- I have a new love with the show Flipping Out on Bravo about Jeff Lewis Design.  I have watched it and Interior Therapy once or twice in the past but for some reason this season I am obsessed with it.  I really want to be best friends with Jenni and for some reason Jeff's photobombs of people sleeping in public crack me up.

Yep! No one says it better than Tim Allen!

- This makes me laugh because whenever I go home to visit my family I say I am going to "Pure Michigan" in a very dreamy way.  It is sort of fantastic there - just as nice in places as the commercials make it out to be.

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