Tuesday, April 8, 2014

April Photo A Day: Days 1-7

I'm going to try to do the April Photo A Day Challenge.  The prompts are above and here are my first few days.

Day 1:  Something Purple

These are fake!  I saw them at Target and thought of the prompt.

Day 2:  In My Hand

Had an at home workout this day with my massive weights.

Day 3:  Shapes

This was at Round Rock Donuts in Round Rock, Texas.  We really thought we were going to get one of the Texas sized donuts and share it but then we saw it in real life and knew we couldn't.  So we just had the regular sized donuts. 

Day 4:  Good Together

Mixed prints are sometimes good together.

Day 5:  Not Mine

My sister-in-law's dog resting in the sun. 

Day 6:  Sign of Spring

Spring is popping up in the backyard.

Day 7:  Where I'd Rather Be

This is another picture from Texas.  We ran this trail in Wimberley on a gorgeous day back in March.  It was a great, well maintained, 2 mile trail.  Wish we had more of those where we live. 

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