Wednesday, April 30, 2014

April Photo A Day Challenge Days 22-30

It's hard to believe April is coming to an end already.  Here are the last pics from the April Photo A Day Challenge

Day 22:  4 Things


Day 23:  Entrance

In front of the entrance to the building where I work.

Day 24:  Pop of Color

This is a little more than just a pop of color and it is rare that I wear color this bright at all! 

Day 25:  Remember

I have to make my to-do lists!  This book from May Designs is really cute.

Day 26:  Enjoy The Little Things

Spring Blooms in My Backyard

Day 27:  Under My Feet

Day 28:  Chaotic

Day 29:  Contrast

Day 30:  Something Silly

I took this pic last month in Austin, TX.  I took too many pictures of funny signs that day!  I Love Austin! 

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