Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Liking Lately

I've been loving my leopard scarf lately.  Here are two ways I have worn it recently.

Despite the continued cold, I bought another pair of sandals.  Jonathan Adler designed a line for TOMS.  I love my TOMS and am so excited about these sandals. I keep hoping the weather will become warm enough to wear them.

I should probably wear this shirt all the time.  I used to call it hangry but now refer to it as hypoglycemic rage.  I tend to suffer from this if I haven't eaten in a few hours.  It's not good.

I'm Sorry For What I Said When I Was Hungry

Speaking of being hungry,  I made a new quinoa recipe the other day and loved it.  It was quinoa chili with kale (I left out the corn and replaced the kidney beans with black beans).  I'm no food blogger so here is a picture that doesn't do it justice. 

I take pictures sometimes of what I eat for dinner on the nights my husband is at work and send to him.  He HATES stuff like this so I only eat it when he isn't around or has something else to eat.  I send him the pictures to show him what he is missing and he texts back with gagging noises.  It's just something we do. 

Still on the topic of food, I try to eat as clean as possible.  I'd say I stick to the 80/20 rule of 80% clean eating and 20% not as good for you stuff.  However, after I read things like this I want to eat 100% non processed stuff.  It is scary the things companies are allowed to put in food.

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