Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Magazine Hoarder

My mom has been slowly giving me things she has been finding of mine around the house. I seriously thought I had all of my stuff out of there!  I don't know where I stashed all of these magazines she is sending me.  I may or may not have a magazine hoarding problem but at least I am not doing it at my house!  I'm still obsessed with reading them but do a better job at recycling them or giving them away rather than keeping them.

Remember YM?  It was the best magazine ever.  I probably kept this one because it is Harry's wife on the cover.  Harry Connick Jr. and yes I just refer to as Harry because I love him that much.  I still love him but even he can't make me watch American Idol. 

Oh how I loved Tom Cruise in 1990.  I remember a lot of slumber parties with Top Gun playing but I don't really remember ever just sitting down and really watching it.   And I don't think I ever watched Days of Thunder which actually came out around 1990 I think.  I guess I really liked Tom Cruise but not his movies! 

Interestingly, People in 1990 had pretty much all black and white pictures inside and mostly cigarette ads.  How times have changed.

February 1991 Vogue - Mixing prints is nothing new!  Florals and stripes never really go out of style do they?  Look at her earrings though. Wow.  

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