Tuesday, January 7, 2014

January Photo A Day: Days 1-6

January Photo A Day Challenge List 2014

I'm trying the Photo A Day challenge again this month.  You can get more info about the challenge here on fatmumslim's blog.

Day 1:  Lunch

I treated myself to some Pinkberry on New Year's Day.  I had never had any before...I don't know that I'm dying to have it again but I enjoyed trying it.  Don't worry, it's not all I had for lunch!

Day 2:  Starts with G

 Here I am with my bouquet of greens (kale).  Yum.

Day 3:  My Town

Go Colts!

Day 4:  Word to Live By

Day 5:  Found

Found ourselves with over a foot of snow...

Day 6:  Happens Everyday

Dog Naps - lots of these happen everyday.

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