Tuesday, January 28, 2014

January Photo A Day Challenge: Days 21 - 27

I've only missed one day of the January Photo A Day Challenge so far.  I'm still trying to find inspiration and motivation in this dismal winter weather.  You can get more info about the challenge here.

Day 21:  Blue

This is another picture from our December vacation.

Day 23:  Bedtime

Day 24:  My Space

Jada is always in my space.   I'd miss it if she wasn't.

Day 25:  A Taste of Winter

I shoveled the driveway.

Day 26:  Fun Stuff

I had fun on the 26th.  I saw Rock of Ages (which was so good) and had some very expensive (overpriced) wine with a plastic lid.  I haven't seen the movie but I'm sure the live show is a million times better. 

Day 27:  Something I Bought

I bought this bowl a few years ago in Cabo San Lucas.  I love the colors.

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