Monday, January 20, 2014

January Photo A Day Challenge: Days 13 - 20

I'm still enjoying the photo a day challenge this month.  I'd like to get even more creative with it but I'm using the ridiculous cold and snowy weather as my excuse as to why so many pictures are ones I took in December when we were on vacation.

You can get more info about the challenge here.

Day 13:  Makes Me Smile

Thinking about our trip to Sanibel last month makes me smile.  This is the view from our hotel room.  It was a wonderful trip.  I love Sanibel Island so much.

Day 14:  Three Things

I always want to accessorize more but don't take the time most mornings to do it or I'm just not awake enough to think about it.  I was proud this morning I remembered to slap on a necklace.

The three things prompt reminded me of something I've heard before about outfits being more interesting if they had at least three here are three things...collared shirt, sweater and a necklace.

Day 15:  Black and White

Stupid snowflakes on my windshield

Day 16:  Sun

This is the last time I felt the warm sun on me and I had to go on vacation to feel it.  It was our trip to Sanibel in December.

Day 17:  Tiny

This was a last minute image to get the pic in for the day.  A tiny frog key chain.

Day 18:  Happy Place

My happy place is the beach.  Again, this is a picture from Sanibel.

Day 19:  Breakfast

I'm on a pancake kick for breakfast on the weekends.

Day 20:  To Do List

To Do:  Be Grateful

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