Monday, November 18, 2013

November Photo A Day: Fail

I haven't been keeping up with the November Photo A Day Challenge lately.  I have had trouble thinking of anything good for the prompts.  I just haven't been feeling it I guess.  I have only done two pics in the last week.  I think all of my few creative juices have been used in thinking of and starting craft projects for Christmas.

Day 14:   Eating

I've been making Brussels Sprouts a lot lately since I've been seeing recipes for them all over.  Seasoned, a little olive oil and roasted with balsamic syrup over them...  yum. 

Day 17:  5 O'clock

The storms finally moved through and were over at 5 yesterday.  Luckily the only damage we had was the tree that broke in half towards other trees and not toward the houses.  You can see it leaning on the left and it is really behind the neighbor's yard, not ours.  I didn't use a filter on this picture, the sky was still sort of a strange color because of the storms to the east.

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