Wednesday, September 11, 2013

September Photo A Day Challenge: Days 10 & 11

Day 10:  Sweet

I thought I was taking too many food pictures already for this challenge so a sweet image you get another picture of our sweet dog.  Although this isn't her sweet look, this is a look saying she needed to go outside stat.  Bad doggie mom that I am took her picture before taking her outside. 

Day 11: What I Did Today

So far the major things I have done today are... got the oil changed and a new battery in my car (while waiting got teary watching the Today show in NYC on this anniversary of 9/11), got an old filling taken out and a new one in its place (darn teeth are cracking) at the dentist and am now working away at the office.  I couldn't figure out how to take a picture at the dentist without getting into a lengthy discussion of why I wanted to take a picture so I didn't. 

I'm still loving this challenge but hope that I can start to be a bit more creative with my images.  And less food and dog pictures!

Read more about the Photo A Day Challenge here.

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