Friday, August 30, 2013

A Week of Dresses...Almost

I came up with this idea about doing a very blogger-like thing and wearing dresses to work every day this week and taking pictures to document.  It is almost the end of summer and there are several (ok - 9) dresses in my closet still with the tags attached. I get so frustrated that I have no where to wear dresses except for work and some I think are a little too casual or cute or just not professional enough for work. (I am also frustrated that I buy too many dresses!)  So I thought, screw it, it is my birthday week, it is 90+ degrees outside --  I'm going to wear a dress everyday to work this week**!

**It's also a low key week at work, there isn't hardly anyone there and no one will see me anyway!  I'm not such a rebel.

Here are the dresses I wore Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. 
Monday's dress on the far left was a spring purchase from TJ Maxx. I don't remember the brand but I know it was $24.99.  I hadn't worn it until Monday.  It was really comfortable. I like it but just don't think it is professional enough for work so I haven't worn it there until now.  It would be nice for a lunch out on the weekend or a casual afternoon get together...  if only I did that.  Well, I did wear a striped t-shirt dress I got from Stylemint to lunch with my sis-in-law a few weeks ago.  I was way more dressed up than her, but gosh darn it, I wanted to wear that dress.  I'm sure everyone at the Olive Garden (Ugh, I know) thought I was fancy. 
The middle dress is also a dress I haven't worn despite having it for months and months.  I thought I really loved this one but I felt about 50 pounds heavier wearing it.  I just don't think it is the right style for me but how I love it on the hanger!  It's an ELLE dress from Kohl's.
The dress on the right is one I have worn a million times.  I bought it at Target either last year or the year before and seriously the cost per wear on this one by now has got to be a nickel or something.  I just really like this dress and think it is professional enough for work so I wear it quite a bit. 
Then Thursday came and I don't know what happened to the dress plan but it all fell apart...

I wore pants. 

But I'm back at it today with a maxi dress that I have not worn yet this summer.  This is what I am wearing today (with a cardigan for the office):

Mixed-media Maxi Dress Victoria's Secret $58 - Now Sold Out

So if you see me near any dresses - please do not let me purchase any!  I have told myself that any summer dresses that weren't worn this summer are going on eBay!

Oh but look at this cute dress...  wouldn't it be perfect for fall and then with tights for the winter??
ASOS Shift Dress With Cropped Sleeves
WAS $59.07 NOW $35.44 Plus an additional 20% off with code SUMMER4EVER

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