Thursday, June 13, 2013

What I Wore To Work

I broke down and I have an animal print shirt.  Not a leopard print or snakeskin print, no this is an image of an actual bird.  While I have been following this trend and think it is cute, I didn't think it was me so wasn't going to participate. But then I received my latest StitchFix and there was this bird shirt.  I really like birds...and these look like silhouettes of ducks or geese flying not cartoony animals...and from far away you can't even tell they are it was what I kept from the fix.  The top is a little big but I guess one (me) is willing to sacrifice a little thing as proper fit when talking about this particular bird print top.

top:  collective concepts ivy bird print tab sleeve blouse via StitchFix // skirt: express // shoes:  areosoles

Don't know about StitchFix? It's a personal styling service that sends you 5 items personalized for you (you fill out a style profile before getting your first fix) to try on at home.  You keep what you want and return the rest.  There is a $20 styling fee that goes toward whatever you decide to keep from the fix.  I like receiving the boxes and seeing what they have picked out for me.  My only complaints are that usually the stuff is too big (they don't do petite stuff apparently and I am not one to get much tailored) and it is full price.  I rarely, if ever, pay full price for stuff so it is hard for me to justify these fixes.  It is super fun though and most of what they have sent I have not seen anywhere else.   I'm not getting paid by StitchFix to post this, I just wanted to share my experience and this bird print top.  If you use the link above and get a fix, I will get a $25 credit. However, that is not just for me, anyone can get that referral credit.

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  1. Love your blouse and the way you styled it. You look amazing in this look.

    If you get a sec, check out my latest post 'Kate Spade and Leopard'. I think you would love it.


  2. I think this is really cute. The birds aren't so in your face, they are the perfect amount of birds :) I love the top! Heather

  3. I really liked the shirt and even though it is a bird print it is a subtle bird and you don't notice it till you really look at it. It was a great outfit!

  4. This is a neat take on "animal print". Unless you look close, it really just seems like an abstract pattern. I like the look. Truth be told, I like a little leopard print in my life too ;)

  5. Obviously I love whimsical little animal prints. But, I really love how this is like an unexpected bird print. It almost looks like houndstooth until you take a closer look. Love it! Thanks for linking up.
    Penniless Socialite
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