Thursday, June 6, 2013

What I Wore To Work

Here is what I wore to work yesterday.  The dress is the only new item.  I sit at my desk all day most days so I like to be comfortable.  This dress felt like I was wearing pajamas all day!  It is very soft and loose.  I think it would have looked better with a belt over the elastic waistband but I didn't have one that worked. 

cardigan:  J.Crew (really old) \\ dress: LOFT Exotic Ikat Print \\ shoes:  Aerosoles (bought last year) \\ necklace:  fossil via Macy's (last summer)
Taking outfit pictures right when I get home from work has not been working out as you can see Jada will not leave me alone.  

I thought maybe she just wanted to be featured more prominently in the here she is.  She thinks she is very chic.

My only complaint about this dress is that it doesn't hang very well.  It sort of balloons out from the elastic waist and then tapers back in slightly at the bottom.  The back of the dress felt like I had boxers on with all that fabric bunching out, which while very comfortable, I'm not sure having a baggy butt is very professional looking. 


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  1. Love this dress. Such a pretty colour.

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  2. I love the color of the dress. Thanks for linking up for Look What I Got!

    Penniless Socialite


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