Wednesday, June 26, 2013

June Budget Report

I think I did a little better at budgeting this month.  I really thought hard about purchases and didn't buy anything without waiting a day or two to think about it first (except for the chambray top I blogged about here.  I just pulled the trigger on that one.).  I also tried to take a look at my wardrobe and see what I'm missing that would link more of what I have together.  I made a "hole in my closet" list of things that would round out my wardrobe and make more of what is already in my closet. 

My first purchase of the month was this StyleMint Dinsmore Dress ($49.98).  I wanted a striped dress but with thin stripes and this is perfect.  Plus it came with a belt and I needed one that I could use on other dresses as well.  I haven't worn it yet...but I love it.


Next up an online purchase from Forever 21.  I had a colored blazer on my hole in my closet list and I love this coral one ($27.80).  Love this striped tank top (again with the skinny stripes) for $7.80.  I also ordered a pencil skirt ($17.80) but it didn't fit well so I returned it for a store credit.

I found this maxi dress on clearance at Target for $20.48.  I'm kicking myself that I didn't have one of their $5.00 off coupons at the time.  Still not a bad deal though and it fits great.

I won this Fossil Marlow bag on eBay for $55.64.  It was new with tags and had the original receipt inside where it was purchased in April for $158.  Not sure why they sold it on eBay and didn't return it but it works for me.  I have been using it every day since I got it.

I ordered these fantastic ikat shorts ($10.50), navy cardigan ($20 - another thing on my hole in my closet list) and running tank ($10) from Old Navy. 

A trip to H&M yielded a comfy dress ($12.95 pictured above) and two swim suit cover ups at $4.95 each.

Other items:  Ivy Bird Print Blouse via Stitchfix $65.00 (seen here)
LC Lauren Conrad Chambray Henley Top $8.80 (seen here)
Banana Republic Factory Printed Tank Top $24.49

eBay profits so far in June: $45.07
Yard sale profit: $140

I still went over my self imposed $200 budget but it's getting better.  I read about these people who do shopping bans for a year and wonder how they do it.  I love the idea of buying less, only buying a few quality items and not cheap "fast" clothing...  but I'm having trouble actually doing it. I think I made a little progress in my second month of "budgeting" and I'm going to keep working on it! 

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  1. I can't imagine going a whole year without shopping! I took a 3 month break at the beginning of 2012, but I had some loopholes, like I was allowed to use gift cards and I was allowed to shop at thrift stores. It works better for me to have a monthly budget that I stick to, instead of going cold turkey! I've thought about going to the "cash envelope" system, but I do enough online shopping that I don't think that would work.

    You did get some cute pieces! I really want a pink blazer, but haven't found the right one yet!

  2. like Andi, I also can't imagine going a whole year. I've done it for a month and that was enough! I think if you get yourself to be on a budget, eventually you won't need to do a freeze since you have your spending habits under control. I haven't felt the need to do a ban since I started budgetting because I'm already making much better decisions.

    anyway. great find on that bag! who just sells that for a $100 loss? lucky lady!


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