Friday, June 21, 2013

Friday's Fancies: Summer Wish List

This summer I really want to focus on getting items that will compliment things I already have in my closet or that I don't have at all (like a good sun hat). Due to my seemingly uncontrollable shopping habit discussed previously on this blog, I have already purchased much that is on my summer wish list.  Here is the short version:

Summer Wish List

1.  A perfect packable sun hat like this one from Nine West at Macy's.  I received one in my last popsugar box that I think will work despite the fact that it is gray.  I'm going to test it out at the beach in July.

2.  A printed short like these I have ordered from Old Navy.  I can't wait to get these...they will be the brightest bottoms in my closet for sure.

3.  A striped or otherwise printed maxi dress.  Thinking about this one from Nordstrom.  I already have a few maxi dresses though...

4.  A light colored crossbody bag for summer.  I bought this Marlow Fossil on eBay for a steal.  I wanted to downsize my bag and this was the perfect excuse to do so.  It has been hard but I'm carrying less around now.

5.  Lightweight palazzo pants - hard to come by in petite. I found a pair that fit me at Macy's but didn't love the print.  I like these (pictured) online I think but haven't seen them in person.  I think the print might be a bit too big for my height. I love these from Anthropologie - just waiting for a sale.

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