Thursday, May 16, 2013

What I Wore To Work

I decided to start taking more outfit pictures, not necessarily to put on the blog, but just for myself.  I find that I look more objectively at my outfits in pictures.  I am again making an extra effort to only have clothes I love, that fit well and are things I can use multiple ways for years to come.  Looking at the pictures lets me evaluate what I have and see any gaps in my wardrobe.  So, without further ado, I give you some poor quality iPhone mirror shots.

Here is what I am wearing today:

Pants:  Style&Co from Macy's (last year); Shirt:  New York & Co. (two years ago); Shoes:  Aerosoles (two years ago)

What you don't see is the black V-neck cardigan with a lace front from Target that I put on in the office when I am cold.  It makes the outfit a little more interesting. 

Here is what I wore on Tuesday:

Sweater:  Target (this winter); Shirt: StyleMint (last year);  Necklace:  Forever 21 (this winter); Pants: Old Navy (recent); Shoes:  Target (this winter)

This outfit picture is a good example of how a picture helps me edit - these pants went straight to the sell pile after seeing how they fit on me...not good.  Now if I could just not buy these ill fitting things in the first place...

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  1. I completely agree that taking photos of outfits helps to determine what looks good and what needs to go! =) It's a great way to continue to evolve your closet.

    Avec Amber

  2. I love the Tuesday look. That cardigan and leopard flats are too cute!

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  3. love those pants with a zipper on them and your cute flats! super darling!

  4. PIctures help me SO MUCH too! That's one of the biggest reasons I started blogging - helped remind me to always snap a pic! Thanks for linking up - excited to follow more of your outfits :)


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