Tuesday, May 28, 2013

May Budget Report

Today is my first time linking up on Franish for Budgeting Bloggers.  As I wrote about here, I gave myself a $200 clothes, accessories and shoe budget for the month of May.  I like to shop WAY too much and have a closet bursting at the seams.  I hoped that having a budget would make me think more about what I buy and buy more quality pieces that fill voids in my wardrobe rather than impulse buys that I don't really need. 

So, um, yeah, I went over.  I'm honestly embarrassed that I couldn't stick to the budget and don't want to breakdown everything that I bought and returned and sold... it is just embarrassing because it is unnecessary.  I know there are many emotional reasons why I shop and it is something I need to deal with. 

I think having the budget (even though I went over) did make me think more about my purchases and the reasons why I am buying them.  This is going to be a gradual process to get to the point where I am shopping less.  But I'm going to keep working at it!!

Truth be told - I spent $331.89 in May and had eBay profits of $42.73 giving me a total of $289.16.

Here are just a few of the things I purchased:

LOFT Cut Out Back Dress Purchased on sale for $29.70

Women's Mossimo® Paka Perforated Ankle Boot - Taupe
Mossimo Paka Boots from Target found on clearance for $10.48

Seychelles Sage Sandals for $42.75

jcrew factory-factory 3 scalloped eyelet short
j.crew factory eyelet shorts $33.00


  1. budgetting definitely has a learning curve - I still haven't figured it out completely. If you take it one purchase at a time, and one month at a time, it'll get easier. I'm glad you decided to join us this month!

  2. You got some great items (I would love to see what else you bought too)! Budgeting is hard, especially in the first month. You'll get better!

  3. I second Fran and Ashley, budgeting is hard. I had a great first month because I prepared for it by spending all my money the month before I started. Then I did great for a couple of months and blew up my budget and my bank account last month, so now I am trying to be good.

    You got some really great pieces this month, I love those Sychelles sandals. Good luck and we'll see your budget next month!


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