Tuesday, May 7, 2013

A Budget and A Wish List

So I have put myself on a $200 clothes and accessories budget for the month of May.  I'm determined to stick with it.  I'm very blessed (i.e. I work really hard at a job I hate) to have some discretionary income each month after paying bills and putting a little into savings.  Going forward, I'm making it my goal to put more of that money into savings. 

I thought announcing my budget here would help me stick to my goal.  You will all hold me accountable right?!  I am inspired by Franziska at Franish.  She always looks great and sticks to a budget each month - I'm thinking about linking to her budgeting bloggers series. 

I'm $40 in already for the month (darn J.Crew sale last week) and it is only May 7.  I'm going to stay under $200 though - I'm going to do it.  Anyone have any tips for staying on a budget (other than not looking at fashion blogs and not having one!)?

Here is something that I like but am not going to buy...maybe...

Adia Kibur at POPSUGAR Shopping

Adia Kibur Short Stone Necklace $45


  1. Check out Etsy for turquoise necklaces. They have some great ones and some that are cheaper to keep you on budget!

  2. This won't help at all, but that necklace is beautiful! You would get your $45 out of it!


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