Friday, May 31, 2013

Friday's Fancies: White

This Friday I was inspired by this picture from Anthropologie.  I love this look but I would totally spill something on it within 5 minutes and ruin this gorgeous $188 dress.


Here is a similar look for a lot less (the whole look is under $220 - not too much more than just the dress in the picture above!):


The bag from the inspiration image above is from Anthropologie and is $78,  it would look great (better) with this look for less and wouldn't be too much more cash.

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Thursday, May 30, 2013

Look What I Got (& Wore): Gap Skimmer Jeans

Back in April, I bought a pair of The Gap 1969 Real Straight Skimmer Jeans.  I have worn them a lot since I got them.  I had been looking for a pair of straight leg jeans that ended right at my ankle which is not so easy when your legs are on the stubby side. I was excited to find these skimmers in petite online. They are pretty close fitting - more skinny than straight really.   I know they are not the most flattering fit for my body type - boot cut jeans work better for me - but these are so on trend and are comfortable and easy. 

I'm not sure what this knee bunching is about in these pictures...  I'm still taking outfit pictures to better evaluate my wardrobe.  The knee bunching is making me think these pants aren't such a great fit after all!  So frustrating!

Here are two times I wore them recently:

This is what I wore last Friday to work.  I had a cardigan sweater on at the office.  (This picture was taken right after I got home from work and my dog was dying for attention.  Don't worry, she got tons after this pic was taken!)
top:  Old Navy last year\\ Necklace:  Forever 21 last year\\ Jeans:  Gap Skimmer\\ Shoes:  Target

Here is what I wore on Memorial Day to do a little shopping and meet a friend for dinner. 
Top:  LOFT\\ Jeans:  Gap Skimmer\\ Shoes:  Target
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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Pinteresting Wednesday

Does anyone else hate the way pins embed in blogger now?  Can't stand it.  This, of course, has not affected my love/obsession for Pinterest.

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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

May Budget Report

Today is my first time linking up on Franish for Budgeting Bloggers.  As I wrote about here, I gave myself a $200 clothes, accessories and shoe budget for the month of May.  I like to shop WAY too much and have a closet bursting at the seams.  I hoped that having a budget would make me think more about what I buy and buy more quality pieces that fill voids in my wardrobe rather than impulse buys that I don't really need. 

So, um, yeah, I went over.  I'm honestly embarrassed that I couldn't stick to the budget and don't want to breakdown everything that I bought and returned and sold... it is just embarrassing because it is unnecessary.  I know there are many emotional reasons why I shop and it is something I need to deal with. 

I think having the budget (even though I went over) did make me think more about my purchases and the reasons why I am buying them.  This is going to be a gradual process to get to the point where I am shopping less.  But I'm going to keep working at it!!

Truth be told - I spent $331.89 in May and had eBay profits of $42.73 giving me a total of $289.16.

Here are just a few of the things I purchased:

LOFT Cut Out Back Dress Purchased on sale for $29.70

Women's Mossimo® Paka Perforated Ankle Boot - Taupe
Mossimo Paka Boots from Target found on clearance for $10.48

Seychelles Sage Sandals for $42.75

jcrew factory-factory 3 scalloped eyelet short
j.crew factory eyelet shorts $33.00

Head Bands and Head Scarves

via  --  Similar Style Headband




via  I found this on Pinterest but I HATE that I can't find who originally put this image above together!  Anyone know?

Friday, May 24, 2013

Friday's Fancies

I have fallen in love with this top from Zara.  This is just my first feeble attempt at styling it.  I'm thinking it would look amazing with black dressy shorts and a silver clutch...

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Thursday, May 23, 2013

What I Wore to Work

I was excited about what I wore to work on Tuesday because it was using things I have had in my closet for a long time in a different way. 

Shirt:  Target, Skirt:  H&M, Shoes:  Joan & David, Belt:  Old Navy (I think)
All from at least a year ago or more

I hopefully I can get better at this remixing, budgeting thing. 

Monday, May 20, 2013

Window Shopping: Anthropologie and Peter Som

The new Made in Kind by Peter Som collection at Anthropologie caught my eye.  Aren't these dresses pretty?

Arabella Blue Poppy Dress
Arabella Blue Poppy Dress
Elizabeth Postcard Dress
Elizabeth Postcard Dress
Elizabeth Zebra Dress
Elizabeth Zebra Dress
Also at Anthro, though not Peter Som designed, is this Chambray Romper.  It's a bit more my style and I kind of love it...
Holding Horses Chambray Romper
Holding Horses Chambray Romper
(was $148.00)

Friday, May 17, 2013

Friday's Fancies: Stripes

The theme this Friday is stripes.  I love stripes.  As the weather gets warmer, I'm loving a striped dress but that seemed to simple to include.  A good striped dress, sandals and a jean jacket?  Can't beat it. 

Most of these things are from J.Crew Factory - I don't know why but I'm loving everything they have right now.  Plus right now you can get an extra 30% off everything with the code SALE30.

Stripes and Eyelet


Here is another striped top from J.Crew Factory that I like - not sure about this outfit though.  Maybe a different color bag?  Or maybe I'm just scared of pattern mixing?!

Stripes and Dots


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Thursday, May 16, 2013

What I Wore To Work

I decided to start taking more outfit pictures, not necessarily to put on the blog, but just for myself.  I find that I look more objectively at my outfits in pictures.  I am again making an extra effort to only have clothes I love, that fit well and are things I can use multiple ways for years to come.  Looking at the pictures lets me evaluate what I have and see any gaps in my wardrobe.  So, without further ado, I give you some poor quality iPhone mirror shots.

Here is what I am wearing today:

Pants:  Style&Co from Macy's (last year); Shirt:  New York & Co. (two years ago); Shoes:  Aerosoles (two years ago)

What you don't see is the black V-neck cardigan with a lace front from Target that I put on in the office when I am cold.  It makes the outfit a little more interesting. 

Here is what I wore on Tuesday:

Sweater:  Target (this winter); Shirt: StyleMint (last year);  Necklace:  Forever 21 (this winter); Pants: Old Navy (recent); Shoes:  Target (this winter)

This outfit picture is a good example of how a picture helps me edit - these pants went straight to the sell pile after seeing how they fit on me...not good.  Now if I could just not buy these ill fitting things in the first place...

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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Frugal Option: Current/Elliott Northern Stars Printed Stiletto Skinny Jeans

Jessica Alba has been spotted wearing the Current/Elliott Northern Stars Printed Stiletto Skinny Jeans (along with many of Current/Elliott's other printed jeans).



These particular Current/Elliott Star Print Jeans don't appear to be available any longer.  The current star print from that brand is a little more flashy with metallic stars:

See at Shopbop for $248.00

Old Navy has a very similar style for a lot less:

Old Navy currently on sale for $29.50

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