Monday, April 22, 2013

Mid-Season Sale at H&M

So I took a break at lunch time on Friday and headed across the street from the office to H&M. 

Luckily enough, even the sale was on sale.  Typically I don't find anything I like on clearance at H&M. 

Usually the only clearance left when I get there is really colorful stuff like this that I'm never going to wear.  Doesn't the skirt on the top right remind you of Saved by The Bell?  I can see Kelly or Lisa wearing it back in the day for sure.  The pink suede-like motorcycle jacket was cute but just too bright for me, even for only $15. 

I ended up finding some things I did like.  Quite a few things actually.  I bought a shirt, a pair of shorts, two sweaters, and two dresses all for $62!

Here is what I got:

Maxi Dress $15

Sweater $3.50

Sweater $15

Top $5 - Shorts $5

Dress $15

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