Tuesday, March 12, 2013

When Trends Come Back Around

Fashion is funny, there are things that are completely timeless like a couture dress from the 50's that you could see on today's red carpet and it still be as fantastic today as it was when it was new.  Then there are trends that define a decade, like shoulder pads in the 80's or grunge in the 90's.  There are also smaller trends that don't last all that long at all, maybe a year or two (Ed Hardy shirts anyone?).

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I always like to be "in style" so I try be aware of the current trends (all of them, big and small) but I also want to have a classic, timeless style.  So I try to incorporate the trends in a minor way and only the ones that work for me (or ones that I love so much that I will even wear even if they don't completely work for me like skinny jeans). 

Printed pants are one of the current trends.  I purchased a pair online from LOFT, tried them and decided they just weren't me.  I returned them in store and the sales person commented how cute they were.  I agreed but told her they weren't for me.  She replied that she would love to wear them but couldn't because she wore them the first time they were in style.  She said, "you can't wear something if you were around the first time it was popular."  I was so stumped by this statement I don't think I even replied.  First I thought, you can't?  Why?  Then, what time is she referring to?  The printed pants of the 60's or 70's or the flowered jeans of the 90's? 

Then I think, crap, I was "around" in the 90's does that mean I can't wear printed pants or floral dresses or plaid shirts or any of the 90's style trends that are coming back? 

90's fashion from My So Called Life via - I wore outfits like the one on the right just about every single day in my last two years of high school.  Ripped jeans, open flannel and top underneath. 

After thinking about this way too much, I think that you can wear trends again when they come back into vogue as long as you are doing it in a modern way. 

"Grunge" 90's Fashion Today - left via Milan Fashion Week Street Style right via Saint Laurent Fall 2013

For example, I wouldn't wear the exact flannel and ripped jeans I had back in high school but get a new pair of deconstructed skinny boyfriend jeans and pair them with a new top, not an oversized flannel like I did then.  If I wear a plaid top now, it is a more fitted style and probably just regular cotton not flannel. 

What do you think?  Can you wear a trend the second (or third) time around if you experienced it the first time?

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  1. I think you can wear any trend you want. If you were around for the first time, then you just need to make sure you don't date yourself. I think you just need to keep it modern and not dress head to toe in one decade.


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