Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Pinteresting Wednesday: Inspiration to Reality

I pin a lot of stuff.  I pin fashion, interior design ideas, recipes, organization ideas and lots of other nonsense. I thought I would show some of the pins that I have used in real life.  Maybe someday I'll get fancy and actually take pictures of my interpretations of these pins...maybe. 

Style I Have Copied Used as Inspiration

I pinned this last year and wore a similar look (minus the hat) quite a bit last winter and this winter too.  For summer I just switched it up to a lighter weight, less sleeved striped shirt and lost the scarf.

Here is another pin from last year.  This became my go to errand running outfit, chambray top and black skinny jeans.

The one the one and only time I have worn my fake bubble necklace to work I wore it like this after seeing this outfit on Veronica's Blushing.  I love the turquoise with the gray tee and black jacket.  However, does everyone's bubble necklace make a jangly noise when they walk?  Mine was so noisy I don't think I'm going to wear it to work again!

Recipes I Have Pinned and Actually Made
Surprisingly, I have made quite a few of the recipes that I have pinned (but certainly not all).  Here are a few of the latest.

These are pumpkin chocolate chip brownies.  I pinned this last fall but didn't get around to making them until this past weekend.  I guess I didn't get sick of pumpkin after the holidays or maybe February is enough recovery time.  Anyway, I LOVE these.  I think they would be yummy anytime of year, they aren't too pumpkiney (yes, that is a word).

A no mayo chicken salad?  I was skeptical too but this is delicious.  Avocado Chicken Salad - So easy and tasty. 

These Pesto Fish Packets are super easy and really good.  We have made these twice now.

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  1. I've worn the chambray and dark skinny jeans a couple times as well :)

  2. Love all the fashion pins! I so think I need a pair of black skinnys now!


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