Thursday, January 31, 2013

Wish List: Leather Tote Bag

I carry a lot of stuff around with me.  I'm not a mom, but I have been known to have things for other people's children in my bag that their mother did not have in her purse or diaper bag.  Wet wipes? got 'em!  Kleenex? check!  Pen?  of course!  Lotion?  Absolutely! And yes, my bag has been described as "luggage" like before.  I embrace my preparedness and feel I'm due for a fabulous new bag.  Especially one that I can use when we travel and that might hold everything I usually take along and my iPad.  It doesn't have to be leather, I'm almost more a fan of the faux leather.  Then I don't freak out as much if it gets wet or scratched and you know the whole animal thing.

Here is the ultimate bag... someday... maybe... if I won the lottery or received some other windfall of disposable income.

Prada Vitello Daino North-South Tote Bag $1,750

Coach has some great tote bags:

Coach Legacy Leather Tanner Tote $498

The regular size Tanner Tote above would hold everything I needed but I love, love the Mini Tanner because it has a crossbody strap as well as the small handle.  It is super cute but probably wouldn't fit my iPad.  Also it comes in colors like mint and coral that are great but if I'm paying this much, I want the bag to be in a classic color so I can use it for years and years.

Coach Legacy Leather Mini Tanner $258

If I were to go the less expensive color route, I really like this one from Gap:

Gap Flat leather tote $98

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  1. The coach totes are super adorable. You can actually sign up for their discount website and they'll send you an invitation certain times of the month to buy items! I bought my purse last winter from $300 for $130! Let me know if you want the website :)


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