Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Pinteresting Wednesday

Some random things I have been pinning lately....

Source: via Jill on Pinterest
I would like to eat this bbq pizza please.

I would also like this kitchen.  Love the dark wood with the white.

Wish this is was I looked like out and about on a cold day.

This is so true.

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  1. Love that kitchen! And I can totally agree with the ecard! I hate a dirty house but I hate cleaning more haha. Have a lovely Wednesday :)

  2. That pizza looks so yum! Okay so here's a crazy thing about me ... I don't clean because my husband does. It's not like a refuse to clean - he just does all the cleaning and therefore I don't have to. No worries I know EXACTLY what you are thinking because my friends tell me the same thing all the time - to SHUT IT! LOL

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