Thursday, January 24, 2013

Baby It's Cold Outside

I know that many stores and blogs are switching their gears toward resort wear and spring trends but I can't get past the cold weather.  I'm just getting used to wearing three layers to work everyday (and I work in an office) and wearing my warmest sweaters, fleece lined leggings and slippers when at home (with a dog on my lap and a blanket as well).  Now is a great time to stock up on winter layers and accessories as the stores clear all their winter merchandise to bring in the bathing suits.  Unfortunately, we still have plenty of time to wear the winter stuff.

If you are staying in...

you will need plenty of cozy blankets, warm pjs and a cute mug to hold your hot beverage.

If you are going out, besides a warm outfit, you will also need some cold weather accessories:

I love this Kenneth Cole Reaction Coat and it is marked down to $89.99 right now at Macy's (down from $245). 


  1. Wow great deal on that coat! Love it!


  2. AMEN!! It's FREEZING here!!! The LAST thing I'm thinking about is swimsuits!!!!


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