Monday, October 29, 2012

Outfit Inspiration: Trail Running & An Old Navy Sale

We are leaving this weekend for a vacation to Arizona.  I'm hoping to do some trail running and hiking (on a relatively flat trail with no bears or mountain lions). 

I'm already mentally packing and may need to get some great new workout gear.  Does anyone else make last minute purchases before a getaway?  I like Old Navy's active line and some of the pieces are currently on sale online plus you can get an additional 25% off online with the code ONTRICK.

Here is an example of what I think I'll be wearing most of time during the day of our trip (with the exception of these exact shoes, although these might be fabulous I don't know, I just thought they were cute). 



  1. Have fun! I love the southwest! It's your guys' first time out that way isn't it? It's gorgeous and you'll have a gorgeous time!


    1. Hi Kecia! Yes, it will be our first official trip to Arizona. We had a layover at the Phoenix airport in April but I don't think that counts. :) Thanks!


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