Friday, October 26, 2012

Friday Shopping Wish List: Fancy and Sparkly

This Friday I'm linking up with long distance loving for Friday's Fancies.

I'm dreaming of gorgeous sparkly dresses and fancy parties, both of which I have none of, but it is fun to dream.  Maybe I could just crash other people's fancy parties? 

This is a somewhat affordable way to get some sparkle.  The dress is on sale for $56 and since it is from Kohl's you know you could get it cheaper with a coupon.  I love it!  I especially love that it has sleeves.  It seems like most fancy dresses are sleeveless and that just doesn't work well with Indiana winters.  Hmm...maybe I should start crashing parties further south?

Fancy Night Out


  1. I love this (and a good deal too) the shoes add a great punch of color! Stoppping by from the linkup!

  2. LOVEEEEE the LC Lauren Conrad collection at Kohls!!!! Adorable dress :)


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