Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Pinteresting Wednesday

It's Wednesday and time to link with The Vintage Apple and share some pins. 

I was taking a break at work the other day and browsing pinterest.  I was looking at the spot where it has all of the recent pins from everyone and there I see a couple (with no clothes!) in a compromising position...a photo that you really shouldn't have on your computer at work unless you want to get fired.  I screamed out loud and closed the window immediately!! Has this happened to any of  you?  I never thought that kind of picture would have been on pinterest.  So now if I do look while I'm at work, I make sure I'm only looking at the pins from the people I follow.  I'm fairly sure they aren't posting any naked pics.  But who knows, maybe they will surprise me and I'll scream out loud at work again.  So here are some very tame and appropriate pins:

I wish I was someplace like this...

or this even...

Did anyone else watch the movie, "The Red Balloon" at school?  I had to watch it a million times.  I'm not sure why they always showed it in elementary school.  It was probably the only movie they had (the school is now closed).  This was on a projector people.  Pre-VCRs.  I'm old.

I'm on a Paris kick lately...maybe I need to plan a trip...

and I would drink coffee at an outdoor cafe... sounds fabulous!


  1. I completely forgot about the red balloon movie! I remember watching it over and over too! I wish I could escape to one of the gorgeous pins you have too! Oh, and Paris wouldn't be to shabby either :) Coming over from the link up.

    1. You watched The Red Balloon too!? I would like to see it again. I bet I would like it more now! Thanks for looking!

  2. I would kill to be at the first place right about now...mainly because my allergies wouldn't be bothering me! Thanks for stopping by!

    1. I know! No allergies; Another great thing about the beach!


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