Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Even Olivia Palermo Remixes

One of the things that I'm trying to focus on is remixing my wardrobe.  I've tried to shift my focus from buying new things to wearing things I already have in different ways.  Oh, but shopping is so much fun so this is difficult for me.  But I keep striving to get a great closet of classic things that work in many different ways.  Quality over Quantity!

I'm not the best at coming up with creative ways to mix and match items in my closet.  I love magazine and Internet articles dedicated to remixing.  I especially love when a person with a not so limited budget mixes and matches.  Even Olivia Palermo remixes!

This maroon (burgundy?) top is super cute with jeans, a statement necklace and a blazer.

Source: zimbio.com via Jill on Pinterest

It also works with a leather skirt and a different necklace.

The skirt looks totally different with a sweater and pointy ankle strap pumps.  Love this look!

Reiss at ShopStyle
$425 – Reiss

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