Wednesday, August 1, 2012

How Pinteresting Wednesday: Fashion Edition

I'm linking up with The Vintage Apple again this week.  Here are some of the latest fashion related pins I've been loving lately...

Why do I think this girl looks completely cool in these patterned pants but if I had them on, I would feel like I looked like an idiot?

Source: via Jill on Pinterest

I so want to find a pair of black jeans that fit me like this.

Source: via Jill on Pinterest

It's been so blasted hot I cannot imagine how it would feel to need a sweater and a scarf!

Love, love this look.

I obviously love this look too because I have unknowingly pinned it several different times!  I love everything about it.


  1. Love the motorcycle jacket!

  2. great pins and super cute blog! you should check out the giveaway im having over at my blog! it ends friday! xo


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