Thursday, August 23, 2012

A Trip To Forever 21

I really meant to take more pictures and do a great fitting room review post about some items I have been eyeing at Forever 21.  I'm not sure what happened...but...well...this is all I have.

I really wanted to find this jacket:

I did find it.  But it didn't fit.  It was way too long on me and the shoulders were HUGE on me.  I think it would be fantastic on someone taller.  (Sorry for the bad pic - there is a shirt behind the jacket)

I liked the black outline on this top and thought it might be a good option for the Rachel Zoe Lara or Banana Republic Laura.  But the sleeves were a strange length and I didn't like the tie (although removeable).  I just didn't love it. 

Here is what I was wearing...a casual Saturday outfit of chambray top (Old Navy), black jeans (Old Navy) and sandals (Clarks).  After seeing this pic I buttoned the chambray shirt.  I think it looked a little better that way than it does in this picture. 

This bag is a lot like the Celine leather shopper that Miranda Kerr has been photographed carrying.  I really like the zipper details.  It's a good size and didn't look too cheap.  But I didn't like the straps.  They were a different material than the rest of the bag and I just didn't care for how it looked.   Also, they were a strange length.  Almost too short to go over your shoulder but too long to just carry.  So far I am not buying anything on this trip.

Forever 21 at ShopStyle
Forever 21 Zipped Tote
$32.80 – Forever 21

So after all of that, this is what I bought:


I love this dress!  Since I'm not that tall, the dress isn't inappropriately short on me.  It falls just a few inches above my knees.  I think it will look great with tights and boots in the fall and great now with black flat sandals.  I don't know where I'm going to wear it but it's awfully cute.  Also, I don't have a picture of it IRL or me wearing it...  I told you this wasn't a very good blog post!

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