Monday, July 16, 2012

Fitting Room Review: LC Lauren Conrad Floral Ankle Jeans

I just can't stay away from the LC Lauren Conrad line at Kohls.  I have a gray blazer and boyfriend jean shorts from the line that I purchased last year that I LOVE.  However, lately, I haven't had much luck.

I last reviewed the eyelet shorts and while I liked the look of them on the hanger, they didn't work on me.  The same is true for the Floral Ankle Jeans. 

original $60.00
So here they are on me.  These are not made to be ankle length on a petite person.  I'm 5'3" and I had a bit of a gathering at the ankle.  While not ideal, I could live with that or get them hemmed if they fit everywhere else.  This, below, is what I can't live with. 
The dreaded back gap.  I think all girls with a butt deal with the waist gap at one time or another.  I just don't get this because other LC Lauren Conrad jeans and shorts fit me in the waist and hips.  This style does not.  There is gappage happening in the front too but didn't want to show too much skin and make this a R rated blog post.

I think these would be a good less expensive way to get in on the floral jeans trend for someone taller and built differently than me.  They seemed comfortable as they have some stretch to them but I had to pass because of the fit on me. 

I guess this could be a frugal option post too.  Anyone else think the LC jeans strike a resemblance to these Citizens of Humanity Jeans?

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  1. I like the floral trend. Bummer those didn't work on you! Try H&M or Forever 21 for a frugal option---I'm sure they have some jeans similar that might fit!


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