Monday, June 4, 2012

Fitting Room Review: LC Lauren Conrad Eyelet Shorts

Ever since I posted about white eyelet shorts here, I have been dying to try on the LC Lauren Conrad Eyelet Shorts at Kohl's. 

So here they are (see them online here):

Here they are on me:

I thought the shorts were well made for the price and very cute on the hanger.  On me...well...not so much.  They are fully lined but you can still see the front pockets through the shorts which I didn't like.  Also, they seemed to add a few inches to each side of my hips!  I think this might just be me though, I do have a hourglass figure but I thought these shorts flared out a bit too much making my hips look larger than what they are.  So I had to pass on them. 

I tried on a LC Lauren Conrad jacket along with the shorts. I passed on it as well, the fit was a bit too boxy.  Looked good on the hanger and was on clearance for $22.

Here is what I was wearing when I made my trip to Kohl's.  I do love white and neutrals.  I thought adding the leopard flats made the outfit a little less boring. 

How do people take these kind of outfit pictures?  I think I'm going to have to practice...this isn't very good but at least you can see some of the crochet detail on my old Old Navy tunic.

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  1. I'm always amazed at people's iPhone self portraits. I can't do it either...even with a lot of practice.

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