Monday, June 11, 2012

Fitting Room Review: INC Maxi Dress from Macy's

I recently posted about ordering this dress from Macy's:

Click on the picture above to go to the regular size, find the petite version here.
I find it especially hard to find petite anything in stores so I usually end up ordering pants and dresses online to get the shorter versions.  It was the same with this dress.  Though the Macy's petite section in the store near me is pretty good, I didn't see this particular dress there so I ordered it online. 

I tried on the dress the day it came...

I like the dress, but I don't LOVE the dress. I am frustrated that even the petite version is gathered on the floor on me!  I would have to wear wedges or heels with the dress or get it hemmed.  In these pictures I am barefoot and I am 5'3".  I do like the top of the dress; the neckline and the wide straps.  Also, the fabric is really nice.  It is 100% rayon which makes it easy to care for and not wrinkly.  It feels like a heavier fabric (but not so heavy it would be uncomfortable on a hot day) which makes it feel more expensive and well made.  The blue is a little darker than how it appeared online but I liked the color better. 

I'm not sure if I'm going to keep the dress...I can't decide.  I think I would like it better if I could get it one size smaller both in width and in height (the size I purchased is petite small - they had petite extra small but it is now sold out - I think that would have been perfect).  I think this is going to be one that I keep a few weeks and if I don't wear it by then I probably never will so I will return it.  Do any of you do that too?

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