Thursday, May 24, 2012

Frugal Option: DV by Dolce Vita Archer Flat Sandals

I've seen these Dolce Vita Archer Flat Sandals and similar styles all over already this spring.  They aren't too expensive ($69) and are available at many retailers and come in assorted colors. Target has a similar version for a lot less, only $14.99, and it also comes in a variety of colors.

Dolce Vita at ShopStyle

DV Archer Sandal - as seen on Kim Kardashian - by Dolce Vita  $69 – Singer22  

Dolce Vita T-Strap Thong Sandal  $69 – Urban Outfitters (free shipping on orders over $50)

Women's Mossimo® Poeske Flat Sandal - Assorted Colors  $14.99 – Target

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