Monday, April 9, 2012

Worth The Wait

I checked out a few stores this weekend when I made a return to Gap.  I have been trying to focus on spending less and when I do spend, to look for quality over quantity.  I get so caught up in a good deal I end up with a million gray t-shirts and a thousand sweaters (because I'm always cold) but no good clothes to wear to important meetings at work.   There have been items I found in the last few months that I have just loved but have passed on because they weren't things I really needed in my wardrobe.  But when I went back to the stores and saw them still there, months later, in my size, drastically reduced....well....I had to get them right?
I went into Banana Republic because they were offering an additional 30% off their sale items.  I couldn't help but look for the crochet-trim open cardigan I had liked last time I was in BR.  At that time it was still full price, $79.50.  While I can see myself wearing this sweater a lot, I couldn't justify the price.  So imagine my excitement when I saw it marked down to $23.99!  After the extra 30% off, I purchased it for $16.79!  You can find it online here where it is still $59.99, so I would recommend finding it in a store if you are interested. 

After that exciting find, I thought I would check out LOFT to see if they still had a sweater I had tried on and liked a month or two ago.  It was on clearance at that time so I didn't figure they would still have it.  This was a more casual sweater that screamed beach vacation to me and it fit perfectly.  Trying to reduce my spending, I passed on it at the time.  But when I went into LOFT this time and found one left, in my size, on final sale for $12.88, I had to get it!  Can't you just picture it with cut off denim shorts and top siders or toms or flip flops on a summer night by a campfire on the beach??!

While I didn't stay true to the quality over quanity mantra that I'm so trying to adopt, I think I got some great deals that I just couldn't pass up!

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